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My name is Julie Rubenstein and I am a certified Image Consultant and personal shopper. It is my job to find you clothes that support your wardrobe goals and  reflect your personal style. I believe that dressing for your body type is just as important as your personal style. I love working with people with all different body types and styles. My intuitive nature and deep compassion for human experience is one of my greatest strengths. I am also extremely sensitive but i have learned that it is important to have a sense of humor in the face of adversity. I am originally from the Massachusetts but live in Northern Cali with my husband, Scott and my spunky daughter Remy Star. I am a trans ally and I have a background in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in Boston, Mass. Hats and Jackets are my weakness and like Cher, I am dyslexic and was super shy as a kid. I LOVE tacos and thought this was a unique character trait, but as an adult I’ve realized that everybody loves tacos and it’s really just part of being human. 

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My name is Kate Maguire and i bring Julie’s fashion ideas to life through our Virtual Lookbook. I provide behind the scenes support to Julie’s creative process and together we make a powerful team. I’m originally from Massachusetts, which i will always call home, but i currently reside in South Carolina with my husband and son. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but every now and then i like to pull out that “little black dress” and hit the town. I love how a good outfit can make you feel confident and empowered!

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Kate and I became friends in 2001 while attending Wheelock College in Boston, Ma. Wheelock was bought out by Boston University, which is hilarious because back in the day we would sneak into the BU cafeteria and pose as students because the food was was the bomb diggadee! (I knew we were ahead of our time!) But I digress ... the two of us both studied Early Childhood Education and both enrolled in an off-campus puppetry class for an easy A! For our final project, we had to create hand -puppets. Kate and I aren’t exactly the “school types” but both of us would spend time at the Puppet Showplace for some “extra help” from the puppet master (a strange lady with long frizzy hair that dressed in Renaissance fair attire!) 

The truth was, we really just wanted to spend time together. I mean, it’s not like either of us could work a sewing machine and these puppies were 70 percent of our “easy A”.  One day ,one of us asked the other to grab a bite of pizza before class. From that slice on we became the bestest of friends. Soul sisters. Even though it has been over 17 years since we first met, we are still able to remain unapologetically ourselves. 

From San Diego to Cape Cod ... to Massachusetts and beyond. We have been on so many adventures but F&H has been the most exciting one of all! 



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