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My name is Julie Rubenstein and I am a certified Image Consultant and personal shopper. It is my job to find you clothes that support your wardrobe goals and  reflect your personal style. Ever since High School, I have treated personal style as the ultimate form of communication. In my spare time I love hunting for clothes at thrift and consignment stores. I am an ally for the trans community and will continue to fight. My personal style is all over the place and I believe an amazing jacket and the perfect pair of shoes can be life changing. I am originally from the East Coast and live in Northern California with my husband and daughter. I am a hat person and my first style icon was Charlie Chaplin

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My name is Kate Maguire and i bring Julie’s fashion ideas to life through our Virtual Lookbook. I provide behind the scenes support to Julie’s creative process and together we make a powerful team. I’m originally from Massachusetts, which i will always call home, but i currently reside in South Carolina with my husband and son.

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