MTF Style is a unique online shopping experience that creates customized Lookbooks for transgender women and crossdressers. We provide a discreet and totally unique form of feminization support.

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Because you deserve a shopping experience where you can be unapologetically yourself. 

MTF Style is a personalized online Lookbook for trans women who want to connect their inner reality with their outer expression.

Within MTF Style, you will receive guidance, expertise, and a personal relationship with an image consultant who understands that femininity is a spectrum.

Contact Julie to set up your complementary style consultation.  


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The Virtual MTF Style Lookbook

This discreet and delicious service provides femininity support through wardrobe and overall presentation.  This process starts with a Pinterest board that represents your taste in clothes and accessories. Once enough information is gathered, Fox and Hanger will create a visually stunning online Lookbook. It will consist of five complete outfits that are in perfect alignment with your personal style, figure, and budget. This Lookbook will not only boost your confidence, it will also help you take your femininity to the next level. By booking this service you will receive the following:

  • 5 visually stunning outfits

  • Links to order your wardrobe directly

  • Discreet and non-judgmental support

  • The online shopping support of a certified image consultant

  • Style tips and tricks that will enhance your confidence and self worth

MTF Style Lookbook
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*Still curious about the final product? Check out our examples below:

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MTF Style A La Carte

This yummy service offers the same process and benefits as the Virtual Lookbook. The only difference is YOU get to decide how many outfits it will consist of. 

$75/Per outfit

MTF Style A La Carte
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MTF Style Deluxe

F&H’s NEW complete feminization service is recommended  for MTF individuals that are transitioning or wish to take their female presentation to the next level! 

This luxurious package features five customized outfits PLUS wig,makeup,shape wear,and grooming recommendations. We also include helpful tips/tricks to support you on your journey.

Through the use of talented graphic artistry, our virtual lookbooks provide a map for your authentic style.

This exclusive service combines today's preference for online shopping with the expertise and results that come from working with a stylist.

MTF Style Deluxe
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Thank you so much for checking out our website! MTF Style is Fox and Hanger’s specialty program that supports the full spectrum of the MTF transgender experience. Whether you are gender fluid or in transition or post transition, we are here to support you. We consider it an honor to be a part of your journey. Fox and Hanger’s MTF Style is a place where transgender women can feel safe, understood, and respected as women.

Our partnership includes a 17 year old friendship and skills that range from theater arts, education, graphic design, production management, and image consulting. As a team, we will go deep and create a lookbook that captures the essence of who you are.

Our lookbooks are truly magical and the journey you will go on will help you gain confidence and develop the tools needed to become your best self!  MTF Style is a labor of love and we look forward to working with you!


Julie and Kate 


Circa 2004 

Kate and Julie in San Diego on New Years Eve. The speech bubbles pay homage to the college years when Kate  actually rescued Julie from the fashion vortex with nothing but $200 bucks and a prayer !