Thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about my service. My name is Julie Rubenstein and I am a certified image consultant and owner of Fox and Hanger. I became a stylist, because I have a burning desire to help others see themselves for the fabulous and unique person they are.

I am originally from the East Coast and have lived in the Bay Area for over 10 years. My love of styling started in high school when I realized that I had a flair for pulling together outfits that seemed to defy gravity! On weekends, I would spend all my babysitting money scouring thrift stores for Boho vintage from the 60s and 70s. To this day I’m a strong advocate for buying second hand. Clothing is art, and art is meant to be shared. In addition to my thrift store obsession, I became obsessed with the powerful psychological effect that clothing has on the human brain. I noticed that when I tried to dress like everyone else, it just didn’t feel right. As soon as I returned to my own unique “not-sure-why-this-works-but- it does” look, it was like a light had been turned on. The feeling of awareness didn’t effect just me, but everyone I interacted with. It was actually making the people around me feel joyful! It is my intention to help you find your lightbulb moment and celebrate your authentic self.

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