Being a teenager is really really hard. At Fox & Hanger we are committed to fostering self-esteem and self-love for teens everywhere. 


Teen Fashion Photo shoot Package- $275(2hrs)

Has your or teen/tween ever wanted to try out modeling? Or are you looking to beef up your portfolio or elevate your Instagram? This transformative experience will help your authentic self to shine!     

Julie is sure to take professional-level images that give your tween/teen the confidence boost they need. Fox & Hanger will teach your teen/tween how to pose using modeling tricks used by the top models in the industry. This photo shoot includes 3 looks from their closet or favorite store. The photo shoot will take place inside or around the store or inside and around your home.

To capture your teen/tween in their most authentic light, Fox & Hanger asks that parents give their teen/tween the space to go on this journey just the two of us. 

*this package is available for teens living in the SF Bay Area


Senior Photography Package

Your photography/styling package $460 will include the following:

- 1 hour photography on location
- 2 outfits
- on-line photo gallery
- max.15 photos as a download 2 to 3 weeks after photo session

Image styling-
- 15 min phone consultation
- 2 hour appointment with stylist (this could mean shopping or putting outfits together at home .
- 2 styled outfits

$100 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking.
The rest of the amount is due at the time of the photo session.

Book your photo session with Anita at 925-588-5591 or email at



Teen Shopping Support -$260 (2.5 hrs)

Are you tired of shopping for or with your teen or tween?  Are you desperate to make sure that their clothes are age appropriate but still celebrates what makes your teen/tween/or child truly unique? Let Fox & Hanger be that bridge. Whether your child/tween/teen has an upcoming event, or just wants to feel more confident, Julie will meet them at their favorite clothing store and will help them find clothes that not only make them look amazing, but will reflect their authentic self. 


Premium Teenage Beauty Package -$925

This is the ultimate package for any teenager that is looking to reinvent themselves. Fox & Hanger recognizes how confusing and emotionally intense the teen years can be. That's why F&H has created this four-session package.

Session 1: Grooming 101 – (2 hrs)

*Skin-care rituals (am/pm)

*Make-up application

The first session appointment goes over grooming practices. Julie will spend time teaching your teen important self-care rituals and practices. From make-up application to grooming practices. Julie will also put together a list of make-up and grooming products based on your teens individual needs.

Session 2: Wardrobe Therapy – (2 hrs)

*Closet Audit 

*Look book / Closet Goals

This package includes going through your closet, using your own clothes as a starting point, and figuring out what to keep and what to toss. After creating a look book together, Julie will accompany you to the store of your choice to help you achieve your style goals. 

Session 3: Shopping Support – (2 hrs)

*Capturing your authentic style

*Learn how to dress for your body 

*Colors/Texture/ accessories 101

After coming up with a shopping budget, Julie and your/teen and tween will meet in downtown San Francisco and Shop, Shop, Shop!

Session 4: Putting it all together – (2 hrs)

This session is the graduation from all your hard work together. It combines all the knowledge that you have learned in the previous three sessions.  Julie will come over and help you incorporate your new looks with your existing wardrobe. She will also come to your house (or a more appropriate location) and create a fashion photo shoot with four stylized looks.  You will be polished to perfection with amazing hair and make up to complete your fabulous new self. 


Personal Branding Package- $275 (2 hrs)

Let's face it, image matters. People make snap judgment based on limited information.  How your child/teen/tween present themselves can make or break their career.  Reaching the appropriate followers on social media is all in how you brand yourself.  Does your teenager’s Facebook and Instagram match up with the imagine they intend to project to the world?  

Let Fox & Hanger help showcase them in the best light. This package includes taking some age-appropriate photos (fashion photoshoot) as well as building a file full of appropriate Memes and videos that are in alignment with your brand.

*This package can take place inside your home. You must live in the SF East Bay 


Closet Organizing Package - $260 (2 hrs)

Does your teen/tween own so many clothes but can't seem to find anything to wear? Are you constantly asking them to clean their room but don't know where to start? Fox & Hanger to the rescue!  In two hours, we will figure out what to keep, toss, and donate. This package also includes 3 pre-hung outfits.  

*If the closet organization exceeds 2 hours, clients’ parents can then decide if they wish to pay $50 for each additional hour. 


Teen/Tween Individual Coaching ($65 an hour) 

*All sessions take place via google hangouts. Those teenagers that live in the SF East Bay have the option of meeting in person.



*Model Coaching ($65 an hour)

Have you ever been interested in modeling? Want to learn how to walk a runway or build a fashion look book? During our hour, your teens/tween will learn how to present themselves on a go-see, learn how to walk, pose, and dress like a real model. They will develop a healthy dose of self-love and learn how to translate that love on print.






*Acting Coaching ($65 an hour)

 Is your teen/or tween wanting to get better at their craft?  Are they needing support preparing for an audition, interested in working with an agency or just want to have the confidence to try out for the school play? 

Through movement, character work, scene study, and role playing your child/teen/tween will learn how to build their "acting tool belt" and hone what makes them truly unique.   









Who is Fox&Hanger

 Julie Rubenstein, certified image consultant, is the owner of Fox&Hanger, a wardrobe therapy practice. She is also an acting coach and holds a BA in theater arts. 


Julie's loves working on fashion photo shoots in front of and behind the camera. Julie  is extremely passionate about helping teenagers pursue their dreams in acting and modeling. She devotes much of her practice to Teen image consulting and styling. 



"A positive self image will not only benefit your life but others around you to make this world a better place one person at a time"-Sophia Williams, Age 18.